Best cannabis strains in Canada summer 2020

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It is finally time that they planted, temperatures have risen, and farmers are busy filling their gardens with the genetics they need to harvest the right quantities of cannabis late in Canada summer 2020. It’s normal to be overwhelmed by the wide range of cannabis strains on the market, so this article is why we decided to explain our favorites for outdoor use. Regardless of time and experience restrictions, we want to show you that quality cannabis exists for everyone. We warn that we paid tribute to this occasion because it is undoubtedly one of the most important features of cannabis in Canada.


Amnesia Haze was among the iconic sativas since the 1990s, a popular choice that was proved by the growers of the past, the present, and probably the future. Like many iconic varieties, the jackpot is touched only by the most experienced and patient cultivators. However, the one we present is a different beast than the original icon.
By mixing his genetics with ruderalis genetics, the creators of Amnesia Haze Automatic offered a way to cultivate this legend without the headache that came with it. Comprising an impressive 18% THC, this strain induces the same bright and euphoric high as the beloved original.

You will only have to wait for 10–11 weeks from seed to harvest, each plant will offer 500 g / m² indoors and 150 g / plant outdoors. In both cases, they will reach a size of 1.5 m


Yet another recognizable name, Green Gelato, is known for delivering one of the heaviest hitting powers of the strains currently available in Canada. It’s no surprise that Green Gelato Automatic is one of the most potent auto-flowering strains available. Even photoperiod strains struggle to compete with their intimidating 24% THC level. Lightly Sativa dominant, this strain is perfect for creative people looking for a boost of mental energy. Its terpene profile is similar to the original; it releases sweet and citrus notes into the air and your taste buds.
You will only have to wait for 9–10 weeks for your seeds to develop into beautiful, lush plants. Indoor yields are generally 400–450 g / m², while outdoor plants will provide you with 100–175 g / plant. Expect your plants to be 120cm tall indoors and outdoors; sometimes, indoor plants can still be limited to 70cm tall.


Even occasional smokers will see some familiarity in the iconic AK-47. If you are into sativas, chances are you’ve smoked some before. Building on this heritage, the Original Auto AK includes everything one could want from an auto-flowering variety and much more. It peaks with an impressive 21% THC level and delivers a euphoric and energetic high to her consumers. You will be transported to the woods’ depths upon ignition with earthy, pine, and floral notes that will fill the air. By being attentive enough, you will also notice a subtle presence of citrus.
Even compared to other auto-flowering strains, this one harvests quickly; it only takes almost 60 days from the germination of your seed to harvest your crop. Even if it stands around 80 cm or less indoors, it can still offer 400–500 g / m² buds.


By mixing an OG Eddy with a Watermelon Zum Zum # 3, our friends from Pyramid Seeds introduce you to Watermelon Zkittlez. It is a pure hybrid (50/50 Indica / Sativa) containing 35% THC. This means that it will strike you with a whole variety of sensations. It all starts with an energetic brain high that lasts 1–2 hours, after which your body will calm down and relax. The flavors are as sweet as the name suggests, with images of sweet watermelon and other fruits coming to mind from the first inhalation. She fills the room with these aromas as each note emphasizes the other.
The 400g / m2 this plant offers quite impressive, and it is ready after only 60 days of blooming indoors. But September offers obscene rates up to 750-1000 g / if you grow it there.

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