How to Use CBD Vape Pen Properly?

How to Use CBD Vape Pen Properly

Aesthetic, practical, and harmless to health vaporizers are now in almost every pocket! 

You may not be familiar with how this little device works. There is sex. We answer frequently asked questions from users and explain how to use the weed vape pen properly.


Dry Herb Vaporizer or CBD e-Liquid: What’s the Difference?

From the point of view of the device and its operation, the difference is not clear. In fact, both weed vape pen and e-cigarettes allow you to inhale the active ingredients released by heating the product instead of smoking it. The difference is made at the level of the product consumed. Liquids for e-cigarettes are processed products, although they may have the characteristics of cannabis cultivars.

On the contrary, vaporizers make use of raw materials from which cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids have not been extracted. Therefore, it is a pure product in its natural state (whether dry or not).

Why Use a Weed Vape Pen?

Vape pens allow you to take advantage of the scents and effects of different plants without causing burning. Indeed, thanks to the lower temperatures, the plants do not burn. So, for example, steam does not contain many harmful active ingredients from traditional cigarette smoke, which is lung-friendly and has less adverse health effects.


How to vaporize CBD?

Vaporizing CBD is easy and weeds need to be crushed and packed into a vaporizer tank. Then all you have to do is turn on the device, select the desired temperature and enjoy the scent and effect of the selected plant. For the conduction vaporizer (more on this later), choose a well-stocked tank with finely ground herbs. You can tap it lightly so that the block does not become too compact. Instead, they prefer not to crush weeds much because of the convection vaporizer, where the air must circulate more freely.


What is the ideal temperature for vaporizing CBD?


It depends on the derivative you choose! Flower CBD is a flower that requires less heat to spread its effect (160 ° C). Second, the resin needs to be a few degrees warmer and concentrate more plants, depending on its properties. Therefore, the temperature of most vaporizers can be set to a selected value or a pre-programmed temperature.


It is also important to note that the aroma-causing terpenes and flavonoids are highly volatile and are activated at low temperatures. It depends on the molecule, but you can enjoy it from 120/140 ℃. Beyond that, they begin to deteriorate. Above 180/200 ° C, the terpenes disappear completely, making it impossible to enjoy the natural scent of plants.


My vaporizer is not producing steam, is this normal?

The production of steam depends directly on the heating temperature, but also on the plant in the tank. At the lowest temperatures that most benefit from the scent of the selected plant, it is very likely that the amount of steam is minimal or none at all. The same applies to some plants. This is perfectly normal and does not mean that the vaporizer is not functioning.


How do you maintain your CBD vaporizer?

Vaporizer maintenance consists of regular cleaning. Regular maintenance improves performance and helps maintain the device for extended periods of time. Remove the mouthpiece to access the evaporation chamber. Then all you have to do is clean the various elements (chambers, channels, mouthpieces) with isopropyl alcohol, which is readily available in supermarkets. Remember that proper storage of your CBD involves the maintenance of your vaporizer to fully enjoy your vaping session.


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