Full Spectrum CBD Tincture


Brand: Kindred Toke

Strength: 1000mg FSE (Full Spectrum Extract) Tincture / 2500 mg FSE Tincture

Profile: High CBD

Amount: 30 mL per bottle

Buy Full Spectrum CBD Tincture in Canada.



Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

Weed Canada supplies the new Kindred Toke Full Spectrum (High CBD) Tincture in 1000 mg and 2500 mg. Also see Kindred Toke’s CBD and THC blends.

1000 mg CBD Full Spectrum – per 30 mL bottle (33.3 mg FSE per 1 mL dropper)
2500 mg CBD Full Spectrum – per 30 mL bottle (83.3 mg FSE per 1 mL dropper)

Kindred Toke’s High CBD Full Spectrum Tincture is made using a lab-tested cannabis profile, perfectly blended for thorough relaxation, sleep and relief. Kindred Toke’s flavourless MCT Oil helps cannabinoids quickly absorb throughout your body. Fast-acting for many kinds of body un-ease, stress, sleeplessness and more. If this is your first Full Spectrum tincture, please first apply a half dose to test this profile’s effects, wait 2-3 hours, then adjust accordingly.

Full Spectrum Extracts (FSE) are a complete picture of cannabis, and their cannabinoids and terpenes working in tandem for greater relief is studied as the Entourage Effect.


Recommended dose: 1/2 a dropper to 1 full dropper, taken 1-2 times per day, preferably with food. Allow tincture to sit underneath tongue for 1-2 minutes for faster effect.

Used for:
Pain | Inflammation | Anxiety | Depression | Stress | Restlessness | Insomnia

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1000 mg, 2500 mg


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