Tuna’s Pre-Rolled Joints


Product: 7 Choice Pre-Rolled Joints by Tuna’s
Strain: Indica | Sativa | Hybrid
Quality: AAA+
Packaging: Crativ Container – Child Resistant

Buy Pre-Rolled Joints in Canada. Available in several strains.



Tuna’s Pre-Rolled Joints

Weed Canada now ships Tuna’s Pre-Rolled Packs across Canada! High quality bud, whole gram (1 g) joints ready for use. Kept safe in Crative Containers, child-proof and water-resistant.

Tuna’s stocks potent pure Indica, pure Sativa and hybrid strains. Tuna’s sticky cannabis is unbeatable, high quality flower.

Note: Some customers find Crativ Containers difficult to open. Apply force to the sides of the box as shown in the sticker diagram, but only the underside, NOT the top lid. Pinching the lid shut by pushing against the whole side will prevent the container from opening easily.

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MK Ultra, Death Bubba


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