Vaping Weed for The First Time: 5 Facts Need to Know

Vaping Weed

Are you dissatisfied or confused by vaping weed for the first time? They can be happened to you or anyone you know.

1# Your Body May Not Allow You To High First

Keep in mind that cannabis has different effects on everyone, and the high a person experiences can vary from person to person, and perhaps different. Factors include a person’s height, weight, and metabolism. Consider that a tall person may need to consume more alcohol to feel drunk, or eat more food to get a feeling of fullness. If you are unable to experience THC due to physical restrictions, it is often due to your physical condition. However, in other cases, additional internal factors can change a person’s experience. This includes all human hormone-related problems and levels of serotonin and dopamine.

2# You May Have Misused Cannabis

If people do not get high in the first place, people around them may suggest trying another approach to smoking. One of the most common mistakes new consumers make is to treat cannabis like a cigarette. They are similar, but they are consumed in very different ways. This is because nicotine is held in the mouth by the user. While using cannabis, it is advisable to inhale the smoke directly into your body without holding it in your mouth.

Also, consider how cannabis is consumed. If you don’t feel the effects of vaping within minutes, you may need to investigate some of the other reasons on this list. However, it’s best to keep in mind that edible, vaping, and other consumption methods have different starting effects and can take up to about 2 hours to start. This is especially true for food. 

3# Maybe You Have Bad Weeds

Not all cannabis is made the same. Current cannabis cultivation can range from teens to mid-30s when it comes to THC potency. This surge in marijuana potency should make everyone higher every time, right? Starting with producers, they can have contaminated crops. It means everything from leaking roofs that spill rainwater on plants to misclassified flowers where everything can ruin high.

Even if a person receives high-quality flowers, that does not mean that the strain will maintain its quality over the long term. Cannabis can deteriorate when exposed to elements. Therefore, it is essential to store the flowers in a cool, dark place where the packaging is out of the air.

Even reliable storage methods do not provide permanent protection for flowers. Like everything cannabis has an expiration date. After that date or when exposed to sufficient UV light, plant THC and THCA can be converted to other cannabinoids, namely CBN and CBNA. Although these cannabinoids are harmless, they can have unexpected effects. 

4# Start Low And Go Slowly

The “start low and go slowly” method is a great concept for cannabis. Basically, start with a low dose of marijuana, such as smoking or eating, and wait 30 minutes to an hour to measure effectiveness. If you don’t feel the height first, you may be okay a second time. If so, they can take equal or slightly larger hits and measure how it affects them. If it didn’t work the first time, you don’t have to go outboard. Continue the same consumption or gradually increase the consumption level. If you don’t get the ideal results in the first round, you don’t have to go all-in.

5# Maybe You Have A CBD Flower

It’s very doubtful if this is the case, but smoking CBD flower certainly doesn’t make anyone higher for the first time. 


Keep in mind that exploring cannabis should be fun. With the exception of physical disabilities, over time it is almost certain that one will discover which dosage and consumption method is the best way to increase. Safe consumption is also always recommended. Be especially careful if you can’t get high right away. Don’t get frustrated or overdo it. Continue exploring and scaling slowly as needed. The high will come, and when it happens, it will be much more rewarding.

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